The Star

Remembering that we each are SPIRIT Manifest as Physical, Remembering that we each have agreed to participate here in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Remembering the ONENESS that we each are.

This information was given during a meditation in October 2012.

1. There is a new tree in the Garden of Eden, and it is called the Tree of SRT.  This tree is the result of not only the work Robert Detzler has done, but of all the work everyone who works with SRT has done. In addition, the Garden of Eden has taken up residence in each of our hearts...making the information that much more immediate and powerful. It also means it is totally accessible to each person who has accepted this possibility [having the Garden of Eden in their heart]. And, as Earth is the heart planet of Creation [Creations both before us and after us] it also means that this information now goes out on a more personal level to all those other beings.

2. There was another new tree, and it was called the tree of ‘Light’ or the tree of ‘Enlightenment’.

3. I was told to ask to ‘clear the Trinity’, and was told to ask for clearing of the ‘Trinity x (times) Trinity, or trinity squared’.  Spirit said to ask for that at the end of a full clearing.  (I have been asking this, and I have no idea what it is clearing, but I get it is indeed doing something very good).

4. I was told there will be a new ‘light body’ for those that have reached a certain level of consciousness.  The light body is called a ‘Universal God Body’, and it is a single energetic body, not an addition to existing bodies.   (It could also be called a ‘Universal Spirit Body’). 

5. The mandala or symbol or pattern of this new body is the healing star symbol from the SRT Healing Patterns book.  I saw the symbol in the meditation in 3-D.  It is amazing!  (Mary Faith channeled that symbol, and relayed to me years ago that the symbol is from the 9th dimension, which is that of Spiritual Imagination, or Imagining. Mary Faith and Spafford talked to Robert about the Tree of SRT in the Garden of Eden  October (2012), and relayed that Robert confirmed the information was accurate.   

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