The Star

Remembering that we each are SPIRIT Manifest as Physical, Remembering that we each have agreed to participate here in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Remembering the ONENESS that we each are.


We would like to speak about the new Flexible Akasha and speak a little about how the understanding came to consciousness.

Akasha, one of the five elements [Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Akasha] is the medium through which anything which becomes physical manifests. This is why people speak of "Akashic records" because it records whatever becomes physical which has passed through it. So, it could be considered to hold all the past life records of a soul...documenting the incarnations. A friend used to say, it is the cloth from which we are cut...the cloth which contains the programming for that creation.

The thought came which showed a piece of cloth from which "gingerbread figures" had been cut, as with a cookie you could see the shapes by the "void" in the fabric...and it was the realization that not only did Akasha keep the record, but it also held the shape of that which had been manifest, or "cut" from the fabric. It was appropriate for it to keep the record...but it did not seem appropriate for it to hold the shape. No wonder change here was always so difficult. Not only were we dealing with the records of past life energies which impacted again and again on the new manifestation, but our inability to truly change the shape of that manifestation as Akasha held the shape.

So, we started thinking about what we called "Flexible" Akasha ...and what would that mean to us?

The first vision which came was of the tapestry of our lives. We sit down with the Lords of Karma [no relation to the general usage of the word "karma"] to lay out the threads of a life before we incarnate. It is what we wish to "study" or "accomplish" in that life time. It has the options to leave if the life doesn't fulfill the soul's needs. With Flexible Akasha, this "original" tapestry started unraveling because it's design was determined by the information we had at the time we sat down to work it out before manifesting and so was confined to that shape. And now, with Flexible Akasha, that pattern and those threads do not define our shape. We are weaving this tapestry now as we go...having so much more input into it about what shape we want it to have rather than the shape as was "originally conceived:" when we incarnated into this life and by the programming of the Akasha by the Creators of this Planet and Universe.

We were led to ask for it to be applied to any who were open to it, having the faith that this was something which would help us more powerfully direct the creation in our own world and to ask for help to be assigned to any who needed assistance in accommodating the new energies.

Years ago we were given a Star which we were told was of the 9th dimension, that of "CREATIVE IMAGINING". It helped us to start to use our own innate power as creators to"re-imagine" ourselves and our shape as we move forward and helps us, now, to understand how Flexible Akasha works. It was from and through it that we were able to release many old beliefs and emotions which would limit us. When Robert Detzler used the Star in his book, Spiritual Healing, he calls it the "Creative Power Symbol" and lists 69 discordant energies that it helps to dissolve.

In considering other aspects of moving forward with healing work, there was a vision of a Tree of SRT in the Garden of Eden. This tree is the result of not only the work that Robert has done, but of all the clearing work done by all SRT practitioners. Souls can now "partake of the Tree of SRT' in the Garden of Eden and have the full knowledge immediately available to them. There was also the awareness of another new tree...the Tree of Enlightenment which gave a vision of sparks coming off like "fireflies'! In addition, these Trees and the Garden of Eden itself became part of each of us, part of our Heart--reinforcing our abilities to Imagine and Create and be part of Creation. We feel that this is very important in the movement forward with what Flexible Akasha has been revealing.

These Trees make it more physically possible for us to move beyond the obligations of physical life and achieve expanded consciousness while still in physical form. In the "old" days, we would not have survived this change as we did not have the support. These Trees bring the power of the original creation directly and consciously into our own hearts and being, helping us to create the ability to extend our lives farther and farther into the unfolding Spiritual Realms, allowing us to achieve expanded consciousness while still in physical form. We are truly creating from the Unconditional Love of the Original Intention--that is, pure love, no limits, no definitions, no qualifications. Just the desire for love and to share that with all the rest of creation.

The conscious understanding and implementation of Flexible Akasha has had a far reaching effect on us which we are only starting to comprehend. In the past, we have been led to understanding by seeing things as "sections" or "parts" because we were not yet ready to see the "whole". Our physical body had chakras and our joints could be considered to have their own chakras. And then we were not just one physical body but had many different bodies with different consciousness--conscious or subconscious.

With Flexible Akasha, and the ability to change ourselves, there is now ONE body and ONE consciousness. The need for separation, in order to come to terms within our new Selves, is no longer necessary. We have become the "SAHU" body, the diamond body...the embodiment of the Unconditional Love of the Original Intention in our being...the perfect expression of Physical and Spirit and Unconditional Love....the TRINITY SQUARED.  And it is for us to ask for Clearing of the Trinity Squared.

It came to our attention that there was a new universe being created and that there were problems clearing people here because they working in that universe and it was affecting their lives here. the though came that it was a new physical universe [with the several previous creations being "light" universes"]. This new creation was created with Flexible Akasha so that any being there would be able to change the shape more directly and that, by contrast to the Duality here [which, by the way, no longer exists] it would be a creation of Unlimited Potential. It would be supported by it's Creator Beings but the shape of it was Flexible...or Fluid. In addition, the Beings who would manifest there would not have the "forgetting" of their origins by reason of their"birth". They would bring with them the knowledge that the "sky was the limit". It was something which has never existed before and it was time to try it.

There came the thoughts that they would hurry up to catch up with us and that time, here, would slow down while we "waited" for them to catch up.

We became aware that Flexible Akasha meant a new sequencing of our DNA/Chromosomes/Genomes according to our desires. We were told that Cancer and "inherited" diseases could become obsolete. Flexible Akasha has replaced the long inactive "Regenerative Gland" so that physical now has the potential to go beyond our comprehension.

Part of the physical experience which was occurring at the time these new thoughts were being discussed seem to have also been part of the preparation for this "change". Having felt for a long time that my life really no longer concerned "me" and that I was "living for Spirit", I needed to affirm a Re-commitment to Spirit, affirming that in my Life, Spirit was working with me to accomplish these tasks and that I was not alone in this process. [It is the swing from observing from micro to macro...from point of view of the individual being manifest here, being responsible for self and self's world--to being part of the Oneness, recognizing our part in Spirit even though we are still attached to a physical body.]

With this Re-commitment came a sense of purpose and direction, a sense of Movement that surpassed my physical senses ability to comprehend, and an awareness at a level which was entirely new to me and felt so much like peace and joy!

3 June 2014 there was the sense that more needed to be completed prior to the Solstice....which is our looking at our Spiritual Existence in the Physical Realm. The publishing of this information is part of that understanding that we needed to make this information more broadly available as quickly as possible.

Conversations that day explored these concepts more fully and will only be generally stated here as the understandings which came.

The "Re-commitment" becomes more like "a New Covenant" between physical beings [spiritual beings having a physical life] and the Spiritual Realms Inhabitants.

The veil in the Temple being rent, the distance between Physical and Spiritual disappears as does the need to believe that there is a difference between the two. [Old Akasha helped to create the chasm between the two...the shape being held by one of the other.]

The Covenant affirms that there is no longer ego on either side and confirms that each aspect have trust in the other. There is a space being held open for the implementation of this and the Flexible Akasha as it develops here [and in any place where this information is available and desirable] and in the new physical creation.

We have also been told that now we need to ask for clearing of the TRINITY CUBED! [addendum: body, soul, and spirit through dimensions]

As we work with the Flexible Akasha, our consciousness achieves a more immediate connection to our we are more integrated in it in all aspects including those of which we are not yet aware. Where there is something to be addressed, we are made aware of it.

This is incredibly important in the comprehension of the new Flexible Akasha not holding a shape. Now it is us who, as the creators of our world, hold the shape of beings in our world. I saw someone and thought, "Jerk, one in every crowd", I was immediately made aware that I was holding that person to the shape of a "jerk" in my world. So I needed to affirm that he was a being searching for light and that he would find it. That was much more acceptable on so many levels. One, I supported his change because I wasn't holding that shape for him...and secondly that my world didn't need "jerks" in it and I will not perpetuate their existence there.

Of course, then there is the direct extension of that--that we need not to hold the shape of ourselves either. No matter your age, this is the most important of all. In Flexible Akasha, we are creating. So we have the ability to change the shape of our own being, if we are willing to face our fears and stop hiding. We are no longer controlled by the past--ours or others. It is also very emotional, as we are seeing ourselves in the mirror of the SAHU Diamond Body. We start to comprehend the who that we are versus the who that we and others have believed ourselves to be. And as we watch, we see the reflection change to something we have never seen before. It is truly mind boggling!

In working with Flexible Akasha over the past month, we are constantly surprised by the confirmations we receive of it's truth: reminders of forgotten things, help appearing out of nowhere, support when we need it. The Star has taken on dimensionality as we become more complex and our physical being now manifests higher Octaves of Vibration as we move forward in Spiritual Realms.

If our participation here is in Unconditional Love, and we'd add the Unconditional Love of the Original Intention, then Flexible Akasha makes us more aware of acceptance and harmony beyond our comprehension as we move through our lives making space for the Divine with every breath.

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