The Star

Remembering that we each are SPIRIT Manifest as Physical, Remembering that we each have agreed to participate here in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Remembering the ONENESS that we each are.


Spring Equinox 2015

As we pass through this balance point, it is good to take a moment to reflect.

Spafford was a triple Libra and he had very specific ideas on what balance was. It was not a see-saw....where you pushed down on one side and the other side went up. He saw it as a disk balanced on a center point. Any motion anywhere on the disk, any shift up or down, affected the whole, not only the directly opposite side. He took it from two dimensions to three.

Now we are requested to take our imaginings to the Ninth....the level of Spiritual Imagining, where we create our Loving Intention for the World that each of us creates around us and which is part of the greater experience of all of us who have chosen to come into Physical Manifestation. It is hard to have Faith that we can do this...that with the Flexible Akasha that we are able to shape our world in a Loving way. How can we change world leaders? How can we change our family? How can we change ourselves?

And it echos in my head that we only need have Faith and the Intention and to do it.

We have been given a powerful gift, over the last six months--that of a greater balance within ourselves. Our brains are responding as we insist we are a "whole"...spirit and physical and that neither is separate from the other but rather a reflection of the other. And as we clarify in our Intention that we are that being--that Oneness--our brain has made peace with its usually "opposite" aspects and become a more unified and active resource for our Intention and Creation.

With the power of Flexible Akasha, we are restructuring our world into a Loving Space. Those who appear to us to act not from a Loving Space, in our world can have their shape changed so that they do. And if the "shift" is too difficult for us to focus on, then we can assign them to a space of "in process" where we give them the ability to find the Loving Option for their Intention.

We have to have Faith that the most minute action on our part has an answering response elsewhere. This is t he way of it two, three or nine dimensions. And when we least expect it, if we pay attention, we will have proof of that effect as was shown to me last week. I offer this photo as their proof that we can change the world we live ways which are above and beyond our understanding.

Candle of Creative Intention(C) Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis 2015


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