The Star

Remembering that we each are SPIRIT Manifest as Physical, Remembering that we each have agreed to participate here in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Remembering the ONENESS that we each are.

  November 9, 2015



The understanding of the movement of "last" year was that we were doing everything we could to discover how we held our being separate from Spirit. There are so many expressions to describe what we are, physical, spirit, spirit as physical, spiritual beings in a physical experience. But there is always the veil of separation between them. The duality which defined this creation makes it very hard to get to the truth...that we are BEING. And ANYTHING which would keep us in duality needed to be looked at, considered, evaluated, and acted upon in some manner to change its qualification of our BEING.

So often we speak of our "humanity" as if it is the less than stellar part of which we can assign all the foibles and faults you would not see in a "spiritual" being. It is our emotions which we excuse with this casual wave of the hand, "well, that's what makes us human."

If you like, we would like you to consider it from another point of view. We would like you to realize that every time you have "that" attitude, your are separating yourself into Human and Spirit. What seems to draw us into this area most often is our justification for falling short of 'heavenly" expectations with our anger, fear, hatred, guilt, etc. It is just these emotions which distract our "focus" on LOVE with all this stuff happening here on the side....which happen to be our lives.

So, for the balance of "last" year, we were becoming aware of these distractions. And thanks be for all the friends who helped to show us how many times we did lose that straight ahead FOCUS on LOVE by what was going on over here on the side--these minor distractions of our negative emotions.We do not assign a program or conscious to these distractions--it is not outside of ourselves--it is just us learning who we are and how we live here and having a closer look at something we didn't notice before.

It became clear, pretty quickly, that this New Year would be a continuation of that awareness...but with a different awareness. Now that we have seen how those negative emotions kept separating us from our TRUE FOCUS of LOVE, it was time to consider living a life without them so that our BEING was not being torn apart any more. In considering the source of those negative emotions, we realized it was all the unspoken rules and regulations which exist within us which have to do with being a Spiritual Being having a Physical Life [separation, duality]. But how to address this? How to act on this understanding?

So many of these negative emotions come from the belief that we have transgressed some law. We have done something wrong. IT is TIME to look deeply at this.

GOD DID NOT KICK US OUT OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN. And, in fact, over the last several years The Garden of Eden has come to be part of EACH of OUR HEARTS. Being BORN is the perfect description. The newborn babe who, for life and love, needs to go back and be dependent upon the Being who just kicked him out of her body. We are not guilty of ORIGINAL SIN. Robert Detzler's take on the exodus from the Garden was the Soul's choice to participate in this great Physical experience. In retrospect, when as "Spiritual Beings" we couldn't possibly imagine what it would be like to not be conscious of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE", it comes as no surprise that we hurt when we realized how far we had fallen from everything that we knew into this new place where everything was so different--and so hard--and we were now physical. And Lucifer, the "brightest and best" had the job of holding open duality for the purpose of this experience. Thank heaven, it has been years since he has been released from this duty and the duality here, now, is being held open by our BEINGS. With the Garden now as part of our hearts, we'll be able to see the truth of this and allow that 'FIRST SIN" to be uncreated.

The ONLY RULE is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is NO JUDGEMENT when you pass out of this world. THERE IS ONLY LOVE. We will be looking at these vestigial rules within us and releasing the need for them, no longer limiting our BEING, keeping us distracted from our TRUE FOCUS.

What is the Shape of My World Today? My BEING is committed to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and it is my identity as CREATOR to determine the SHAPE of my world. If it is a loving place, then FEAR has no part there. If it is a loving world, then GUILT has no place there. I would have it a LOVING PLACE. I now gently recognize that when these emotions would distract me from my FOCUS, I am giving myself the GIFT to recognize where duality--separation--would hold me in darkness and where my BEING is still growing and releasing the need to believe I am separate from LOVE.

It is the Growing which is important...we each KNOW what we are working toward...the ONENESS with ALL in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE because now we remember it. The Earth outpaces us in the desire for this change. The need for us to clear energies/emotions still embedded in Earth which were no longer attached to living BEINGS became apparent at the beginning of the Year. Sites of wars, conflicts which happened recently as well as long ago had more than residual energy left in the Earth. We asked Earth to release the construct of Hell that our all-too-active imaginations created and held in place. There is no such place. It is all right here in front of your eyes. Look around you and see where souls are in torment! Look around you to see Souls who live in Bliss.

We have become aware that we are coming to an end of some experiences here. For instance, this current refugee situation is the last EXODUS to be experienced on this Earth. There are beings here, from elsewhere, as observers or witnesses. They have participated here believing themselves to be exempt from what they have wrought. This is no longer permitted here. This has been addressed previously, but if they are here, then they are part of this Creation and this Shape and subject to it. Cancer will become a thing of the past as fear continues to unravel.

One of the more important results of all this work is that we will realize that we can transition from BEING here to BEING the next without suffering and pain. When we are done here, all we have to do is not wake up here in the morning. We can release the need to work out the JUDGEMENT we believe we deserve before we have to face GOD's Judgement--because there is no such thing!!!

Why is it something so hard to even imagine...a Life of Joy and Love. Well, isn't that a wonderful SHAPE to create for yourself in Your World Today?? 


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