The Star

Remembering that we each are SPIRIT Manifest as Physical, Remembering that we each have agreed to participate here in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Remembering the ONENESS that we each are.


January 7, 2015

It seems, for the last several months, we have been working on refining and redefining the relationship between the PHYSICAL and SPIRIT, and working to comprehend misunderstandings of separation where they might exist.

As long as there is an "existence" in the Physical, there will be the opportunity to clear energies which exist here and influence everything, even though the creators of those energies might no longer be here. Here, in physical, is where the healing and clearing for those energies must occur. And this happens as we become aware of the need for the asking. When we are open to this, somehow, we always seem to know the next question.

During the time after the Autumnal Equinox, which we consider the beginning of the Spiritual Year, we have the opportunity, as we move toward the Winter Solstice, to set new CONSIDERATIONS into motion. We are evaluating the previous year...and are now considering what we have harvested from that experience and where we might go in this year. What are the new energies which move us?

Everyone feels there are great things to be accomplished this year; Faith and Trust seem to be the root of the experiences so far.

Below are the notes of conversations which seem to stand pretty well on their own.


August 13, 2014

Ask Spirit to apply 'willingness', "willing to be willing". Clearing items out of the morphogenic field.

August 22, 2014

New levels of consciousness above Chart 3, Tree of SRT extending branches out to these new levels. There has been an 'infusion' [of energy], which was necessary to open these new levels.

New levels not necessarily 'new', but joining all that is, all One Universes joined now, no more separation.

We can know who we truly are, that is, creator beings, and still have our experiences here in the physical. For the first time, we all, spirit and incarnated souls are 'on the same page'. New Akasha has changed how everything is woven, so all has changed.

We are not working in 'logic consciousness' any longer; we are working in 'love consciousness'. Spirit does not have a 'trinity', the clearing of trinity to infinity is clearing the joining of all of the one universes.

October 10, 2014

General confusion about moving forward with new Akasha, misunderstanding with beings that feel like they don't have anything else to do. They thought they were involved 'here', not knowing infinity available.

So many of 'us' humans with spiritual inclinations are also working on these higher levels.  They are startled to see us.

They are not used to having impetus come from physical.  They are 'old' ones - very old ones.  They are the ones that came forward to clear away the 'old' blueprint and plan. So, they are caught up in the process that we are going through.

Committed there to come into the space opening up.

Willing to stretch, they are here because we asked them to come forward.

There is accommodation that needs to be made for them, they are the garden.  The garden is now part of ‘heart’. The accommodation is a ‘wave’ of energy. It’s already in motion, and will take a little time to move all the way through.

The means by which we all participate at level of creator, without them we would be so overwhelmed with Fear.

Vibration of all is accelerating now, evolution of love on a creational level.


October 12, 2014

Wave creates a space for any who want to participate. Creates infinite space, part of the new Akasha. There is a cohesion of understanding, As individual beings we have our own being and understanding but at same time the wave creates a space that allows us to be aware of things on so many levels and dimensions that we were now aware of; did not acknowledge before or were not aware of before.

October 18, 2014

‘Wave’ - call it new Akasha or new etheric or wave is replacement of the 83 waves of expression, is a new wave, a single wave of expression.

Contains no sin, no error consciousness. Which means contains no suffering (misunderstanding of needing to suffer).

We are witnessing how and why physical exists, we choose to continue to stay and work here and clear the misunderstandings. We are trying to clear it all up, end is in sight, is new creation of full knowledge when you come in.[1/15 There is now a new Universe, based on Flexible Akasha, where beings "incarnate" with full knowledge and exist in infinite potential, not duality.. This has never existed before. We,as well as all One Universes, are the beneficiaries of that Universe as they are sending energy and understanding back to us.]

October 27, 2014

Headaches – need to balance the hemispheres of the brain – ‘through the dimensions’ and/ or ‘through the ‘wave’.

November 10, 2014

Working through the limitations of ‘Separation’. Our metaphysical language still supports separation from Spirit, i.e., ‘our soul inhabits the vessel of the physical body’ or our physical body is garment our souls put on in an incarnation. This encourages our physical body to still believe it lives in a physical duality. We are asking Spirit to not only rent the veil of the temple, but also rent the veil of the body as temple so that there is no Separation. Physical body has a consciousness and sub-consciousness, but it is not at all Separate from Soul nor from Spirit. Physical body is not a temple nor a vessel, it is Spirit manifest.


We remembered that Spafford said: “I am light but I walk here”.

We became aware,at about this time, that we were raising questions which needed to be addressed in Spirit and felt that a CONVOCATION was created to consider these new thoughts. Those beings are used to considering themselves infinitely knowledgeable so new experiences are somewhat difficult for them to recognize. And the need to respond to prompts from here is even more so. We are grateful for their willingness to grow with us as we all move ahead. We believed that this meeting took about three or four weeks time here and created a resonance for the Wave which allows it to move through ALL CREATIONS and all levels, helping us to be more cognizant of the Oneness that we all are.

December 12, 2014

Three steps given to heal illness..but can be applied to anything!

1. Clear all of the programs and energies. Whatever tool works for you, use it!

2. Check the ‘congruence’ through all of the levels/minds/bodies. This step makes sure all of our being-ness is in alignment with what is being asked. If there is any ‘incongruence’, it needs to be brought into alignment. This is simply by discovering where the incongruence lies, then asking it be brought into alignment.

3. CHOOSE. Choose the thing you want. The choice must be made from here, the physical, but because of the congruence it is manifesting from all levels.

The new ‘Wave’ that exists is not one of the 83 waves of expression that Robert Detzler identified. It is a new ‘Wave’ and it replaces all 83 waves. This wave is unconditional love, and it is actually a ‘carrier’ wave. This carrier wave of unconditional love carries our intention, in congruence, through all of the levels of our being, from physical up to Spirit and then back down again. This movement back and forth on such a carrier wave of unconditional love ‘creates’ the intention.

The Spark Within (refers to images of the flame in Jesus heart). It may be time to cut the golden cords that connect our Souls in the physical to spirit, as the cords at this time simply hold the concept of ‘separation’.  There IS NO separation.  The spark within is the ‘All’ and it is here in physical as well as in Spirit. There is no separation.[We were discussing debilitating illnesses such as MS, and needed, after all the clearing was done on all levels that we could find, to ask for the Re-Illumination of the Spark Within...the desire to continue this experience with Love rather than with Resignation and Obligation.]

December 2014/January 2015

STASIS: When you have worked and worked to understand and clear an energy pattern which persists in your life but of which you are tired and declare that you will no longer have it in your life, you can place it in "stasis".  This leaves the option to address it at a later date, if you so desire. But it gives you, as Creator, the ability to remove its influence from the Now. As with all things, when you "release it",  not matter under what circumstances, you open it to assistance. So that, if you decide to revisit it in this lifetime, it will be different from the energy you released.  It is our understanding this could be done with any of the energies on Charts 6A and 6B and also with individuals in our lives.

January 5, 2015

A direct message:

Unconditional love keeps revealing itself to us through the expanse of our experience.

Today, it became clear that we are truly all in the same boat. As the result of the clearing and healing steps we have taken over the past year, when we ask for answers, sometimes that don't have them. And that is because, with the new Akasha, we all are living in the moment with decisions being made at every instant. So the "future" doesn't really exist beyond that moment. They can't answer questions about the future because choices which would influence it haven't been made yet. And that is the truth for all of us no matter the image we take.

There is nothing to do but to live in LOVE and ask for any clearing needed as quickly as you become aware of it.. It means remembering that we are all here in Love and the more quickly we make that the framework from which we observe, the more quickly we see how it is all the Oneness. Each being here learning Love. That's it--no matter whether it looks loving or not.

Having made the choice to come here and experience this "framework " is what gives us the ability to interact in this way. And, ultimately, to realize that we are the Creators here both by action and intention being proactive and by participation as our awareness allows us to address energies here which cannot be addressed by others not participating in this "physical" framework.

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